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5 years and 1 month old
DSH Tiger
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Marge is a good- sized, middle- aged, tiger who does not suffer fools (or other cats) gladly.  In a world where most adopters are seeking teeny-tiny, fuzzy kittens, Marge does not get a lot of attention.  And that is too bad because like a lot of.. ahem... more mature females, Marge has a lot to offer.  Marge is super smart and independent.   You do not need to worry about leaving her alone for a few hours.  Marge will amuse herself without knocking over that pricey bottle of wine or wrecking your house.  She will be happy to guard your place against possible squirrel intruders,   and take a catnap in the sunlight.  Marge may have put on a few pounds in recent years (and really who hasn't?), but her fur is velvety soft and she has the most gorgeous eyes.   Marge's eyes really  are the windows to her soul.  When she stares up at you, you can see when she feels scared and overwhelmed, and when she is beginning to feel safe and loved. Those eyes let you know that Marge does not give her heart away easily.  She has been abandoned before and is affectionate with new people on her terms. Once Marge trusts you, though, she is all in; a loyal companion who would be happy to nap next to you, listen while you talk about your day, or just hang out next to you on the couch.   No, Marge is not a teeny tiny kitten. She thinks kittens are overrated.  

Please email or call to visit Marge as she is in a foster home currently. 

How to Adopt

The Cat Adoption Center hours:
Saturdays from 10:30am-4pm or 1st Wednesday of every month 5.30 - 7.30pm
or by appointment.
144 Main ST. East Hartford, CT. Map it!


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