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6 years and 1 month old
DSH Tiger
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Ziva has come such a long way during her time with us at the shelter.  This beautiful tiger girl with stunning and piercing eyes was very much like a cat that was feeling caged in when she first arrived.  A bit of pacing and lots of unhappy stares ...as well as the occasional swipe at a passerby.  Although she may not be a big fan of being with so many other cats, one thing is very clear,  she loves people.  Once she gets to know you, she will seek you out for attention.  Ziva is a lap warmer at heart..she will plant herself and stay there  until it appears that she suddenly needs to be somewhere else..and in a hurry!  You will find yourself  sitting there hoping she comes back soon.  Ziva is a loyal friend and trustworthy confidant.  She will always be on your side and your secrets are safe with her.  Come meet this pretty lady at the shelter today.


How to Adopt

The Cat Adoption Center hours:
Saturdays from 10:30am-4pm or 1st Wednesday of every month 5.30 - 7.30pm
or by appointment.
144 Main ST. East Hartford, CT. Map it!


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