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4 years and 4 months old
DSH Orange
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In the Peanuts comic strip, Schroeder is one of the hardest kids to get to know.   Schroeder seems not to know how to connect. He sits, playing  his piano, trying to ignore Lucy when she flirts with him, and yelling at her if she insults his beloved Beethoven.  When she isn't there though, Schroeder clearly misses her.  Similarly, our Schroeder is a cat who does not wear his heart on his sleeve.. errr... paw.   He has been let down before, and he is not interested in being snuggled by every Tom, Dick or Lucy that might come along.   Schroeder can be rough if you try too much petting too fast, and he has been known to turn his back on folks who insist on talking to him in baby talk.  This is not the orange cat of your childhood who would let you dress him up in doll clothes.  Schroeder would hate that.  The way to Schroeder's heart is play.  If you play with Schroeder (especially with the flying bird on a string toy that he loves as much as his namesake loves Beethoven) he will soon be front and center ready to interact. (He may also stare balefully at you through the glass door if you dare to play with another cat).   When he is tired out from playing, you can sit and talk to Schroeder, letting him know that you plan to be around not just today but tomorrow and the day after that.  Schroeder will slowly relax, will let you pet his head, will let you be his friend, will miss you when you are not around.   Schroeder would do best as an only cat with a cat savvy adopter who will play with him.  Not everyone will see what we see in Schroeder- but if you can, Schroeder is a cat that is worth the effort.

Schroeder is FIV positive, but that does not mean he cannot live long and happy life. Please click here for information on FIV.

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How to Adopt

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