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1 year and 1 month old
DSH Orange & White
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Tiger is not the most creative name for a cute little orange cat...but sometimes it is best to call it like you see it. Gorgeous orange coat and alert eyes..Tiger it is!  This handsome, sweet guy plays the part as he playfully bounds around the shelter, stalking toy mice, heading up high to survey his surroundings...then back down to find the nearest person to take a nice nap next too.   A golden boy at the shelter, Tiger makes friends of the two and four legged variety wherever he goes.  His mellow purrsonality melds easily with the other cats and he is about as easy going as they come.  Come and meet this wonderful, happy guy today.


How to Adopt

The Cat Adoption Center hours:
Saturdays from 10:30am-4pm or 1st Wednesday of every month 5.30 - 7.30pm
or by appointment.
144 Main ST. East Hartford, CT. Map it!


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