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6 years and 1 month old
DSH Black & White
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All dressed up with nowhere to go?  Timmy is quite the dapper cat-about-town, with his little white paws and bib.   And Timmy is more than ready to head out on the town with anyone who wants to pet him or play with him, reaching out of his cat condo to tap you and trying to step onto your shoulder.   Timmy is also quite the little charmer.   He purrs instantly and will lean against you, looking up at you with heart melting green eyes.  Swoon!   This tiny cat version of George Clooney has given up his vagabond ways and is ready to settle down with that someone special.  So come in and meet Timmy.  He will be all dressed up and ready to go home- with you.


How to Adopt

The Cat Adoption Center hours:
Saturdays from 10:30am-4pm or 1st Wednesday of every month 5.30 - 7.30pm
or by appointment.
144 Main ST. East Hartford, CT. Map it!


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