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5 years and 6 months old
DSH Grey
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Soft, serene Gracie does not make a huge first impression.   She is no perky kitten or exotic Siamese.  Her quiet beauty is the type that you recognize over time.  "Wow," you may think while petting her, "I am not sure I ever felt a cat this soft before".   As she nudges your hand with her head, asking sweetly for more attention, you may notice her gorgeous eyes, looking up at you, alight with love and hope.   When she starts her surprisingly deep rumbly purr, you may notice that you yourself feel calmer, more content.  You will realize that you would be perfectly happy just to sit cuddling Gracie for hours- knowing that she  feels the same.   Gracie is a comfortable cat, the kind of cat made for Sunday mornings reading in bed, or evenings binge watching your favorite televisions shows.  If you are looking for a loving and tranquil companion, please ask to meet Gracie. 

How to Adopt

The Cat Adoption Center hours:
Saturdays from 10:30am-4pm or 1st Wednesday of every month 5.30 - 7.30pm
or by appointment.
144 Main ST. East Hartford, CT. Map it!


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