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6 years and 1 month old
DSH Gray & White
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Tulip should be a tough girl...found in Hartford on Park Street living in a parking lot of a tattoo parlor. Fortunately the employees were kind enough to feed her.  But Tulip is sweet and delicate like the flower she was named after. She has a cute little masked face with perfectly symmetrical markings, a little gray goatee and bright  green eyes.

Tulip must have been somebody’s pet, as she is extremely friendly. She will roll over for belly rubs, loves  to be petted and absolutely adores  any attention. She seems to be fine with other kitties, although a bit shy.

Obviously this girl has had a bit of a tough stretch, and she is anxious to get settled into her own home for the winter, where she no longer has to forage for food or shelter.


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