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Benji & Katniss

7 months old
DSH Black & Tortie
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Benji (male) & Katniss (female) are a bonded pair of siblings looking for a home. 
Benji is a small body... big personality. He looks like a 3 month old kitten, but don't let tiny Benji fool you. He's a confident and incredibly sweet, 7  month old. If you think you're hearing two purrs at once, you aren't hearing things, that's his sister and sidekick Katniss. Benji and Katniss would like to go to a home together. They're both very quiet cats, other than their purr machines. Separate them (Benji needed to leave for neuter) and Katniss becomes quite the chatty catty. They snuggle, sleep together, and are quite the playful duo. They like to run and play like young kittens do but also love to snuggle up with humans. Benji is missing an enzyme thus his smaller size. He has no idea he's a small guy and runs through the world (or his foster home!) like he's in charge! He needs to take a supplement to digest his food to help him grow bigger and stay strong. His specific condition is called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. For his future family this will be no problem come feeding time, but the powder he requires will need to be taken into account for his life long care. Guided to their proper bowls they eat like puppies. While many cats graze they do very well eating when served and only occasionally nibble at dry food. They like wand toys, and stuffed cat toys, but mostly just hanging out purring or exploring room to room. Both Katniss and Benji would do great with other highly social cats, but they'd really love a lifetime of each other's company.


How to Adopt

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