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1 year and 1 month old
Cairn / Yorkshire Terrier
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Meet Benji! Benji is a 1 year old Cairn Terrier / Yorkie mix. He is 12 lbs of fun and energy. Benji is a sidekick, a partner, a best friend. He loves to be your shadow and follow you from place to place. He is great on the leash and will walk right behind you to see where you are going! Benji enjoys being snuggled and cuddled too! Benji is fine with other dogs. We are looking for a home for Benji where he will have a doggie playmate and where someone is home most of the time. Benji has some separation anxiety and a home with experience managing this would be best. Please contact mindy.b@poainc.org for more information or fill or our application here