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3 years and 1 month old
Jack Russell / Min Poodle
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This is Wally! He is a 3 year old Jack Russell/Miniature Poodle mix and weighs 23lbs. Wally is a high energy kind of guy and he loves to run and be chased by his sister - he has some of the fastest zoomies ever! Wally is a busy boy, always on the go, never missing a trick, but loves attention and will settle down for belly rubs and snuggles. Wally is very bonded to his sister Lily and they are a perfect match with their energies and play styles. This dynamic duo is very bonded and they are looking to share a furever home together! To learn more about Wally and Lily, please contact Jenn at jenn.w@poainc.org for more information or fill or our application here