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6 years and 1 month old
Carolina Dog
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Meet Lady! Lady is a 6 year old Carolina dog. She is a gentle, svelte dog with tiny feet and dainty features. She is intelligent and alert, very well-trained and obedient. Much like the breed standard (see Carolina Dog description at http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/carolinadog.htm ) she is highly loyal and affectionate with her family, but shy around strangers. It takes some time for her to know you, but if you are in her circle of friends, the rewards are endless. She is loyal, affectionate, and clingy. She was brought up in a home with children, and was dedicated to her family. She’ll do best in a home where she’ll get daily walks (which she loves), and will be someone’s sidekick. A young single person who needs a companion, or a young or empty-nester couple who wants a dog to be part of their lives. Please email ron.plante@poainc.org for more information or fill or our application here