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3 years and 1 month old
Pit Bull Terrier
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Meet Vinny! Vinny is a 3-4 year old Pit Bull mix. He's like a Jeep - built like a truck, rugged and fun to drive! He's solid, a big boy, at probably around 70 pounds. He smiles constantly, and seems to enjoy every moment of life. He is silly and funny and will try to convince you he is a 70 lb lap dog. Vinny enjoys going for walks as long as there is plenty of time to stop and roll in the grass! Vinny will do best in a home that will make him central to the family and included in the daily activities. He already has a head start with his training and is very smart and eager to please. He will be a quick study for someone who is willing to be his training partner! Please email Kristina at Kristina.muszynski@aol.com for more information or fill or our application here