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7 years and
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Say Hi to Sadie! This adorable little princess is a 7-year-old mixed breed (Pekingese/Poodle with perhaps Shih Tzu as well). Sadie came to us with little discipline or training, but every day she is learning quickly the basics of becoming a great canine citizen. She has an easy going personality and has a great desire to please which makes training an easy task. She can be a bit "sassy" at times, so she needs an adopter who understands setting boundaries. With a little time, patience, and consistent handling, this little peanut is going to be a superstar! Sadie loves to go for walks and hikes, but is happy to relax, happily receiving cuddles and belly rubs as well. She will do best in an adult home where her people enjoy being active. To learn more about about Sadie, please contact Suzette at suzette.g@poainc.org  or fill or our application here