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5 years and 1 month old
Pit Bull Terrier
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Meet Violet! Violet’s (Pit Bull mix, 5-6 years, female) personality is somewhat ironic. It is clear she has had a few litters in her 5-6 years, but she herself is bouncy and fun like a puppy. She approaches life like she approaches the kennel kiddie pool. She jumps without hesitation. She’d probably dive in, if it were deeper, just like she dives into every day…she seems happy to be alive and absorb all that the day will offer. She flashes her confident, infectious smile around the kennel, and the other dogs are drawn to her energy. She gets along well with the other dogs, especially the others with her speed and energy. She is active, but not crazy active. Enjoys her walk, but mostly just enjoys being around people and having fun. For more information about Violet please email kristina.muszynski@aol.com for more information or fill or our application here