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1 year and 1 month old
Chihuahua / Papillion
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Meet Snowball! She is a 1 year old Chihuahua/Papillion mix. Snowball is cuddly and sweet, and very much a little shadow, or a Velcro dog. However, she is shy at first, and needs a calm, gentle approach. She is a medium-energy pooch…likes a good walk, but loves just as much to settle down and snuggle. Snowball would prefer a home with a calm, routine environment. She is ideal for a couple of empty nesters, or a low key home. She gets along with other dogs, but is appreciably hesitant with larger dogs who intimidate her. Children 14 and up. For more information about Snowball please email noelle.f@poainc.org for more information or fill or our application here