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Lady and her new family.  Adopted 3-26-12

Lady the dog


Jackpot now Jack's new family.  Adopted 3-18-12

Jackpot the dog and new family


Dash and his new family.  Adopted 3-4-12

Dash the dog and his new family


Prince and his new family.  Adopted 2-26-12

Prince the dog


Fiona, formerly known as Yasmin,  adopted 2-11/12  We are so happy to have her.  Chris and Suzanne

Yasmine now Fiona the cat


Angel's New Family 2-13-12

Angel the dogs adoption photo


Ginger and her New Family 2-4-12

happy Ginger the dog and new family


Minnie and her New Family  1-2012

Minnie and her new family


Storm the Cat aka: Chester... doing what he does best  1-2012

Storm the happy cat


Sawyer and his new family.  Adopted 1-18-2012

Sawyer the happy dog


Scruffy and the new family. Adopted 1-12-2012

 Scruffy and new family


Happy Nora and her New Family

Nora and her family



Happy Blaze with Gail, Steven and new dog bro Ranger

 Happy Blaze and Family


Izzy and her new family.  What a happy dog!


Izzy and her new family 


Oscar and Sue

Oscar the dog and Susan


A single image can express everything we value about pets ‘ companionship, love, honesty, and, of course, humor.



 Gordy with his new family.



 Lola and her new family



 Dante and his new Mom



 Wally and his new Mom and Dad.



 Marcus goes home!!



 Bud with his new beagle buddies and Mom and Dad.




 Ringo (left), his new beagle sister Bora (right) and parents.




 Benny leans in on his new dad.




 Rocket (right) with his new family and brother Shelby.



Fiona and her new family

 Fiona (middle) and her new family


Carlos the dog and family 


Hector (formally known as Carlos) and his new parents



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