Name:  Amber

Age:  1 year old

Breed:  DSH Tiger

Sex: Female

My name is Amber and I’m a beautiful golden tone tiger kitty.  I was born in Hartford to a feral mother cat.  When I came to my foster-home, I was very scared and nervous as I was not used to humans.  My foster-family was very patient with me and helped me to understand humans only want to love me. My foster-family are amazed by my transition from a shy girl to a wild/fun gal.

I’m easy going, relaxed and all about having fun. I’m a girl on the move.   I love running through the house and playing with little toys or anything I can find on the floor.  I have great fun playing with my siblings and other foster kittens in the home.   My favorite activity is bird/chipmunk watching from the ‘cat tree.’  I can barely contain my excitement when I see the squirrels; I shake my whole body and flatten my ears.  A cat tree would be a must in my new home as it’s also my favorite sleeping spot.

I’m super sweet but a touch sassy.  I love kisses and scratches on my chin but when I’ve enough, I may let you know with a gentle swat.  Sometimes, it actually a sign I want more attention.  I have a great motor which I turn on for body rubs/scratches.   

To help me come out of my shell, my foster-father bribed me with deli turkey/chicken; now I can’t get enough of it and think every time the refrigerator opens, it’s treat time.   I eat treats from my foster-father’s hand as he pets/scratches me or sit on the counter stool to ‘grab’ (no claws) them from his hands.  I’m also known to ‘accidentally knock’ things off the counter as I sit on the stool.   

I get along great with other cat.   My foster-family babysat their cousin’s Sheltie; she was okay and kinda grew on me.  I would probably do well in a home with school aged or older children. 

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