Name:  Branch

Age:  9 months                        

Breed:  DSH Black & White

Sex:  Male                              

Branch seems like a cat who doesn’t want to be noticed. When you go to visit him, he flattens himself within his bed. “If I can be the same shape as this bed, they won’t be able to see me and then they’ll just go away” he thinks. Branch thinks his hiding technique is ingenious but his big golden eyes standout against his black fur and completely give him away. We see him, and furthermore, we know he’s a sweet boy who just needs time to adjust and feel comfortable. His foster family affirms that he’s a sweetheart even if he tends to be shy. Branch has Tuxedo-like markings that make him as handsome as can be. We think that once he branches out from his comfort zone and finds his forever family and his forever home, he will blossom into a happy and confident cat who doesn’t need to try and blend in with the bed.

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