Name:  Clayton

Age:  8 years and 10 months old

Breed:  DSH Orange Tabby

Sex:  Male

Do you love orange tabby cats with big heads? How about a kitty with a story? Clayton lived in a colony with other feral cats for over five years. The last one, his best friend, died on he was alone. Clayton came to the shelter covered with fleas. He is now healthy, neutered and up-to-date on his shots.

Several volunteers make such a huge difference in one kitty’s life. Below are comments from three separate socializers who have worked with Clayton over the last few weeks. His progression is remarkable, and will certainly continue quickly when he is in his own home!

“Clayton is so petrified. He allowed me to stroke his nose and forehead and pet his back. But he seemed to pull away from touch. He was in his shy cat bed the entire time.”

“Clayton let me pet his head but would still pull away sometimes. He seemed a little bit more relaxed tonight. He let me pet him under his chin.”

“Clayton’s cage was open, so I sat on the cage floor. He was relaxed. I scratched his neck, and pet his head and back. He purred LOUDLY! Then he came out of his cage to play with the toys.”

Good boy Clayton. Better times to come.

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