Bast and Kvothe

Bast (formerly Leonardo; adopted in September 2016) and Kvothe (formerly Moriarty; adopted in September 2017) have become best buds!!


Simba has been a great new addition to our home. He has adjusted nicely. He is very friendly, affectionate and very well mannered. We are taking very good care of him. He is well feed and happy. He gets ample play time and attention from all of us. He seems to enjoy watching late night tv with us.


I adopted Justine from the POA on August 19th, 2017. Nearly 2 month has since passed, and I can say that my family and I have been very pleased and happy to have Justine at our home. She is very playful and constantly walks around the house. Justine particular likes trying to nip at peoples’ hands and we quickly realized it was just her wanting something to use to play. We have gotten several toys to keep her occupied when the house is quiet, but she is not alone for more than a few a hours a day. Every day since I brought her home, she has been quick to rub herself against me and my hands upon my return. She prefers to rub herself on a person, rather than being petted. Justine sits next to me, follows me around, etc. Fortunately, she knows that when it’s time to sleep, she goes to curl up on a bed stand for her. But if any bedroom doors are open, she’ll hop on the bed and sleep where there is space.


Just letting you know that Emerson is purring away upstairs in my daughter’s room right now.  He was tense when we put him in the car but soon relaxed on the way home.  The loud noise of the neighbor’s lawnmower wasn’t his favorite, but now that that’s done he seems to be in I Just Might Like It Here mode, with lots of cuddling interspersed with exploring.

Cooper (Cuddles) and Cody (Prince)

Cooper (Cuddles) and Cody (Prince) are doing well.  We had a very smooth transition time and they get along great.  So loveable,  enjoying their time together and playing with their toys.  

Maura (now called Fergie)

 Maura is doing amazing. She is now named Fergie. She is the sweetest, and she sleeps next to my head every night. I got her because I had a cat that was depressed after his sister passed away. She seemed like a match personality wise so I went for it. I am glad to say that he is absolutely in love with her. He’s always near her, and she very graciously puts up with him. He was having some symptoms of depression that are now completely gone. She fits in perfectly. All of the cats love her and she gets along with them so well. She’s been a great addition.

Zeke (formerly Andy)

We adopted our kitten, Zeke (formerly Andy) during the recent Clear the Shelter event. Zeke is doing incredibly well and is meshing with our 6 year old Snoopy. Snoopy has been grooming and playing with the little guy. Our son loves Zeke and plays with him every day. He is thrilled that Zeke cuddles and seeks him out for attention.


Everyday we have progress in the right direction. Milton is out with us much of the time, claiming ownership of other areas of our apt – Daddy’s bed, Daddy’s recliner, etc. Here he is chilling on the living room rug while we watch TV.  He is such a smart cat and so affectionate. Please tell Manny things are going very well here. 


Boston is doing fine and dandy.  He’s a big boy!!  He loves being petted for sure. I tried having him sleep with me, but he liked waking me up at 2, 3 or 4am, so he doesn’t anymore.  Last night was the first night that he didn’t.  He meowed just a little bit.  I’m on my laptop right now and he’s looking up at me.  He does sit on my Dad’s lap a couple of times of day, which makes Dad happy.  He is so handsome!!! 


Just a few pictures of Ginger in her new home! She’s gotten used to it very fast! She’s eating and sleeping well. It didn’t took too long for her to become a little cuddle ball.