Cricket and Bubba are slowly meeting each other..  Cricket likes to play with ball by herself, chases the wand toys and the laser.  She also likes to go to the lower level of house and she sit on her big cat tree.  She lets us hold her a little.


Thurman is doing great…He adjusted to life in our home quickly. His bed is in an armchair in the bay window where he sleeps and works on his tan. He also discovered sleeping on our bed is pretty comfy too. He’s very talkative and gives us a lot of joy. 

Venus, now Lillyla

Venus is more adorable and sweeter than I first thought! Her name is now Lillyla, she became acclimated to her new home. Her new brother Marvin, whom she loves, helped. Now she has made herself at home.  She traverses the entire house, plays regularly, and is so affectionate. We are a perfect match!  


Salina is a truly amazing little girl. She is generous with her enthusiastic head bumps, snuggles and kisses! Her eyes sparkle with curiosity looking out the window at the birds and squirrels. She enjoys her own little windowside cat castle where she naps in the sunshine.  Her eyes sparkle as she leaps from her favorite plastic box to bounce on a toy or jump up onto the book shelf to explore. We are happy to have this precious little cat join our family. 


Winslow is doing fantastic!! His brothers Phantom (great dane) and Nick Nick (kitty) absolutely love him. Introducing Winslow to them went amazingly well, they all just love each other. Winslow is still in to everyone’s business!!! We call him “the mayor!!” 

Honey, now known as Juniper Honey Bee Russell

My family and I adopted Honey, now known as Juniper Honey Bee Russell, and we have absolutely fallen in love! She is still a bit skittish but is warming up to us and loves to get scratched behind the ears and under her chin. Juniper’s four legged siblings love her too, Faith, our dog, loved her from the minute we came in the door with her. Her big brother cat Mr. Professor Mittgonegal, (aka Mittens) took a little longer to come around but is now being a good big brother and enjoying his new playmate! He even shares the dog’s bed, which he has claimed as his. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do rescuing animals! 


Bebe continues to do wonderful.  She is really warming up to us and is quite affectionate. I think she likes her new home.