Name:  Harley

Age:  2 years old

Breed:  DLH Grey

Sex:  Male

If you have a preference for big, beautiful, long-haired cats…this guy is for you. Harley was found as a stray, and brought into the shelter. The only sign of being slightly neglected, is his matted fur, which is why he will undoubtedly end up with a lion cut. Right now he has an amazing mane, which will only grow in fuller and more beautiful. Harley looks like he would be a tough guy, but boy he so isn’t. You may be waiting for a huge ROAR to come out of this guy, but instead you hear a very quiet “meow”, almost as if the volume was lowered to a whisper. He is sweet! He loves to be petted, loves to have his chin rubbed, and will knead with his massive tufted paws. Harley doesn’t seem to mind other cats, and despite his size, has a super soft disposition. He is in fact a gentle giant...a beautiful, soft, gentle giant.

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or by appointment.

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