Maple is doing well. She started letting me pet her just a bit last night and now she is head butting me, arching her back for me to scratch her body length, and even rolling over for belly rubs, purring the whole time. She just started walking around the room in my presence a few minutes ago and is spending time near the door, curious about the rest of the house.  She has made very significant progress in just a couple of days. I think soon enough she will be ruling the roost. 

Mavis (previously Jewels)

We adopted a 4 month old kitten from POA at the end of August this year. Since you’ve seen her last, Mavis (previously known as Jewels), is now spending her days cuddling on her favorite fuzzy blanket, attentively watching birds outside from her favorite window-sill perch, and being spoiled by her grandma with fun new toys! She has grown from the tiny 4 lb kitten we brought home as into a healthy and strong adult. Mavis loves to play almost as much as she loves to nap, and she is fascinated by any kind of running water (she can’t quite seem to figure out where it goes when it runs down the drain, and we sometimes catch her just staring into the bathroom sink). Above all else, she is very loved and we, her new parents, are lucky to have her. Mavis is the sweetest, most well-behaved, charming, and loving cat I have ever known. We would like to thank you all at POA and the foster parents for the amazing work you do.


To my dear family at POA, Martha, Manny and the rest of the staff       I want to thank you for helping me get to my new forever home. I am enjoying my new digs; especially my window where I watch the birds at their feeder. My scratching post and hammock are pretty cool too. Lucy the dog doesn’t bother me but I don’t quite like her yet. Maggie and Mr. Brad think I am the bee’s knees whatever that means. I wrap my self around their legs and purr a whole lot. They like when I do that. They love me lots and are taking good care of me. My new momma calls me her Kitty Girl but I am still your Claire.

Colette, now named Chloe

 Colette, now named Chloe, has fully adjusted to our family. She and our male cat Crookshanks (who is about 7) are very fond of each other.  It had taken less than 48 hours for them to get acquainted.  Chloe is doing very well with her active playfulness and hefty appetite.


Justine is doing well. She has been getting along with the family. She gotten use to the house being empty during the day, but has been eager to welcome all whom enter every day. As we enter 2018, I look forward to the upcoming year.


Dahlia has opened up to her new home very well. After hiding under the bed at first, she gradually came out and jumped onto the bed to snuggle.  During the night, she would get down to explore the house then come back to snuggle.  After all the excitement, she is curled up for a long winter’s nap this morning.  She is so wonderful and will have a lifetime of happiness in her new home. 

Junior (a.k.a Leo)

 We adopted Junior a few weeks ago and he is perfect!  Just the right ratio of cuddly and playful.  We actually re-named him Leo (on account of his July birthday).  The first few days he hid a lot but has since come out of his shell and loves playing with his best buds Beth and Kate!!


Well it’s been one year since I got Andrew from you. He is doing great and we have a good time together. I’m so glad I found him,he has made my life better and I hope I have done the same for him.


We adopted Blossom this past Saturday. She has acclimated to our house already, and is a sweet and lovable kitty.