Name:  Nia

Age:  5 years old

Breed:  DSH Black/Tan Tiger

Sex:  Female

Nia is a tiny tiger who seems to have seen the rougher sides of life. She arrived at POA as a stray and while she is grateful for a warm place to sleep we can tell she’s holding back. There is a tender soul who is waiting quietly to emerge when the time is right. Used to relying on herself, Nia isn’t ready to believe that people want to care for her or that meals will be routinely delivered. But her gentleness when we reach out and pet her tells us there is someone special within the shell, someone who is fighting hard to believe that the world is good, and that she will always be loved and cared for. Due to a benign condition, Nia always sounds a bit stuffy. It’s not contagious, it’s not affecting her quality of life, but the first time you hear her snuffle, you’ll stop and wonder because cats don’t usually make that noise. If you are someone who always roots for the underdog; if you’re someone who loves to nurture and help things grow, come meet Nia. She is waiting for a forever family that will show her it’s OK to put the past behind you.

Nia is FIV positive, but that does not mean she cannot live a long and happy life. Please click here for information on FIV.

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