Name: Keeley

Age:    3 Months

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

We are scheduling appointments for adopters to come in and meet our available kittens.  You do not need to choose a specific kitten and we are not placing kittens on hold for specific adopters.
DOB June 23rd

In Keeley’s petite body, there is more spirit, spunk and affection than a crowd of kittens. The only girl in a litter of six, she rules the roost. She was the first to start wrestlemania with her siblings, and when things got out of hand, her dramatic meow would stop all her brothers in their tracks. She occasionally has her diva moments but they are awfully cute and hard to take seriously. She was the first to figure out how to daintily leap over the foster room’s baby gate and teach her siblings the art of escape.   The most energetic of the crew, she loves pouncing, climbing, and chasing toys and siblings alike.  Her active side is perfectly balanced with a sweet, caring side.  She loves purring and being affectionate with her humans.  Kelley is part of the Ted Lasso crew and her best bud is Zava who she is hoping to get adopted with.  A very social kitten, she does not like to be left alone without a playmate.
Keeley has had tons of interactions with all the neighborhood kids of all ages and loves the attention. In addition to kids and large families, she also loves other cats and proved to be curious and calm when once approached by a dog. Among her many visitors, she easily became a favorite to all by being the perfect combination of loving and affectionate mixed with the “pow” of personality that cat owners love. She is ready for her forever home!

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