Name: Miley

Age: 8 months

Breed: DSH Black & White

Sex: Female

In so many ways, Miley is a typical fun-loving teenager—or “katten,” as we call felines who are no longer kittens, but not yet fully-grown adults.
Bubbly and vivacious, Miley is thrilled to hang out with you. She definitely doesn’t want to be left out of the action, especially if it involves cool toys she can bat around or pounce on. If you don’t happen to have a toy, no worries—Miley is just as happy to lick your hand when you reach in to pet her. Of course, if you’re trying to take her photo, good luck to you, because this leggy beauty will nudge and rub against your phone, fascinated by this new thing you’ve brought her. (Have you ever met a teen who *isn’t* interested in a phone?) To youthful Miley, everything is fresh and interesting, and she’s delighted to experience all the wonders you bring.
Sleek and silky in her tuxedo, Miley is already dressed for the prom, and you don’t even have to bring her a corsage. We have no doubt that this lithe darling will be voted prom queen. In the meantime, she’s happy to dance the night away with her wand toy. If you’d looking for a charming girl who will effortlessly capture your heart, look no further than our teenage katten, Miley.

To find out more or to make a special appointment to meet them, please fill out the application at and send an e-mail to The first approved application that is a good match will be given an appointment but they will remain on the website and Facebook until they are adopted. The Placement Team Volunteers at will have the most up to date information about appointments.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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