Name: Alice

Age: 6 months

Breed: DMH Grey & White

Sex: Female

If you’re walking through the shelter and you glance into Alice’s cage, you’ll probably be struck first by how undeniably beautiful she is. Long, fluffy fur, mostly shades of gray, with a white chevron on her chest, little white feet, creamy white belly. If you pause—and who wouldn’t, with such a lovely little cat—you’ll see how intently Alice is watching you.

Alice is an older kitten who came to POA from an overcrowding situation. We know she was loved, but we also know that her former chaotic surroundings have left her a bit uncertain. As a result, when you reach in to pet her, she may move away—but don’t think for a second that she doesn’t like you. If you persist—gently—she’ll let you pet her, and she’ll even purr. She’s trying, she truly is, but Alice is still timid with people. Even so, there’s a way you can win this gorgeous little girl’s heart: play with her.

When you bring out the toys, sweet Alice forgets her trepidation, and she plays—oh, how she plays. Whether it’s a ball or a stuffed toy or the feather boa on the wand, Alice revels in playtime, letting down her guard and giving herself over to the joy of the moment. That’s when you’ll catch a glimpse of the spectacular cat Alice will grow into as she becomes more comfortable with her place in the world—and maybe in your home.

In addition to playing, one thing that helps Alice feel safe is another cat. A kitty companion—especially a nice younger cat who won’t bully or overpower her—would be ideal for Alice. With another cat to show her the way and a quiet household where she can feel secure, we’re confident that Alice will blossom until it’s apparent to everybody that this exquisite little darling is as beautiful inside as she is outside.

If you are interested please fill out the application at and contact

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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