Name: Annika

Age: 3 years 2 months

Breed:  DSH Calico

Sex:  Female

"...nothing heals the past like time.  And they can't steal the love you're born to find." ~ Be Alright, by Dean Lewis  

Annika was abandoned in an apartment with no food and water.   It was some time before the landlord found her.  Frankly, we don’t know how she survived.  Annika spent a few months in one of our foster homes.   She did great there and was very sweet and affectionate with her foster mom, even sleeping in the bed.  Annika hated leaving that safe space to come into the shelter and she let us know how she felt!   Annika is gradually learning that other people are safe, that she will always be fed, and that we won’t let anyone hurt her again.   Annika loves to play, and especially enjoys chasing the laser light.  She sometimes runs so fast that her feet get tangled and she slides, glaring at you if you dare to laugh at her.  If she knows you, Annika will show her affection by petting YOU, brushing up gently against you, secure in the knowledge that she can step away if she gets overwhelmed.  She has also started sitting next to volunteers on the floor when it is quiet, snuggling close and accepting soft petting.  Annika desperately wants love.  Like most of us that have been hurt, she guards her heart fiercely.   But we know that all Annika needs is time and love.    If you have the time and  love for this tough but tender girl, contact Protectors of Animals and ask about Annika.

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