Babbs – Adoption Pending

Name: Babbs

Age:    6 years

Breed: DMH

Sex: Female

Babbs (AKA Jolie) was brought to POA by a local Animal Control Officer.  She had been abandoned and was living in the kennel surrounded by barking dogs.  Even though this was not an ideal situation, Babbs rose to the occasion and maintained a sweet demeanor.
Babbs was quickly adopted and went to a loving home.  Her adopted mom loves her very much, but the resident senior cat was not welcoming to Babbs.  After several months of trying to make the situation work, her adopted mom has decided that the best thing to do is find a new home for Babbs.  The stress is not good for Babbs, the resident cat, or her adopter.
Babbs is available to meet by appointment.  She will be staying with her adopter until she finds a new home.  She will come into the adoption center for appointments.
Here is some info about Babbs (Jolie) from her adopter:
  • She's a talker. Loves to meow and will follow you around letting you know she's there.

  • She has what's known as "elevator butt". When she pees in the litter box she'll start off sort of squatted then raise her back legs to standing so the pee shoots outside the box. She needs a high-sided litter box or an enclosed litter box.

  • She loves to sit on your lap- knead you and lick your shirt at the same time.

  • She likes to lick plastic bags so please keep them out of her reach

  • She loves to play with the wand toy. We run around the house and she loves it. I do this two or three times a day with her for 15-20 min. Ìt's great for her. Calms her down.  She also likes catnip and sometimes I give it to her before we play.

She really needs to be in a home with a family who can give her attention. Babbs would be fine as an only cat and probably would do well with another friendly cat who likes to play.

If you’re looking for a soft, beautiful companion to snuggle with, we invite you to fill out an application at and contact POA to make an appointment to meet Babbs. If you already have an approved application on file, you can send an email to

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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