Name: Bello

Age:  2 years 1 month

Breed:  DSH Black/Brown Tiger

Sex:  Male

"Ciao Bello" means "hello, handsome", and we have been saying it a lot in the last few days at POA.   That is because we have been utterly charmed by Bello, a big lug of a cat with expressive green eyes.  When Bello first arrived, he was overwhelmed by the shelter: the noises, the smells the sounds....  He sat hulking in his condo, looking like a very big, very angry cat.  But if you looked closer you could see that Bello was shaking, ever so slightly.   And if you spoke or sang to him, Bello gradually relaxed, laid down, closed his eyes, and reached out a single paw.   He wasn't a big angry cat, after all.  He was a big scared cat; a cat who had lost his home and everything he had known and was trying to make himself look tougher than he felt.  After some talking, we opened the condo door to see how he felt about petting.  Bello quickly stepped forward- and then leaned against us, with a small sigh.  Turns out, all this gentle giant wanted was a friend and a little reassurance.  "Ti adoroBello".  Yes, we love this big, handsome guy.  Come in and meet him.  We bet you will love him too.

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