Name: Benji

Age: 6 years 3 months

Breed: DSH Gray Tabby

Sex: Male

Six year old Benji had a few adventures before he came to Protectors of Animals. We don’t know exactly what they were (and Benji isn’t telling), but it is clear that Benji had some exciting times, probably broke the hearts of some fair felines, and got knocked around a bit. He arrived with a cyst on his eye, an infected mouth, a mild heart murmur (2/6) and degenerative disease in his right back knee. He was definitely in rough shape. But despite all of the pain he was in, Benji was sweet and gentle.

Fast forward four months. The cyst was removed, without any issues. Benji’s dental work is done and the infection is long gone. And it turns out that neither the heart murmur nor the knee require treatment or keep him from climbing to the highest spot in the shelter to keep an eye on things or from chasing the laser light around the shelter, faster than a kitten.

Not that Benji is interested in being a daredevil. He thinks adventures are overrated and is now ready to settle down. Benji is a no-drama kind of cat. Think Tom Hanks, not Tom Cruise. Keith Urban, not Keith Richards.

Benji is calm, undemanding, grateful for a pet or a snack. He causes no problems with the other cats, and as much as he adores to chase the laser, Benji loves a good brisk nap even more. In fact, his foster mom reports that one of Benji’s very favorite things in the world is to curl up next to you, sleeping right by your side.

Benji is a wonderful companion. He is looking for a quiet home where he can watch the birds, bat lazily at a crumpled up ball of paper for a few minutes, and then curl up next to you while you read or watch television, purring softly while you scratch his head.

“Who needs adventures”, you can almost hear him thinking, “when you can have a home?”

If you think you might have a home for the handsome Benji, please contact to make a special appointment to meet him.



Benji is FIV positive, but that does not mean they cannot live long and happy life. Please click here for information on FIV.



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