Name: Billie

Age: 5 years 9 months

Breed: DSH Black & White

Sex: Female

Billie is tremendously cute.  She is a six year old black and white short hair with curious eyes and an adorable pink nose.  She always looks the tiniest bit annoyed, even when she isn't, which is super endearing.  We love her.  She is easy to love and we suspect that lots of folks would easily fall in love with Billie.   This does not mean that she is the right cat for most homes, though.

You see, Billie is very shy.
Now at POA, when we say a cat is very shy, we don't mean that the cat will take a week or two to warm up to you.   We don't mean that the cat is probably not going to like strangers.  We don't mean that she won't be the life of the party.   No, we mean that this cat may hide under the bed for a year, unless you block it off (and that you WILL need to block it off).   We mean that this cat will need to start out confined to one room with limited hiding spots.  We mean that she will not trust you unless you take the time to teach her to trust you.  Billie is what we call a "project cat";  a cat that needs an experienced cat person who is ready to work every day with her.  That is the hard truth.
If you are still reading though, there is a huge upside to this cat.  As scared as she is, Billie is not aggressive.  She runs away, or closes her eyes and pretends that if she cannot see you, you cannot see her, but Billie doesn't hit or scratch.  And Billie loves to play.  Even when Billie is terrified, she cannot help but peep out to watch the other cats playing with a wand toy or laser light.  When she is feeling braver, Billie will reach out from her favorite cat tree to bat at the toy, and may even pounce the tiniest pounce, forgetting to be afraid.   In a quiet home, with someone she trusts, we think Billie will slowly come out to play, and will stay out once she understands that she is safe.  Billie is also very food motivated. She loves baby food and squeeze ups. The way to her heart is definitely food treats.  Every time she gets a favorite treat, along with some quiet petting, Billie relaxes a little more.  There is a deep vein of sweetness in this cat.  Billie wants to love and be loved.  She has lost her home and isn't sure who to trust, but she hasn't totally given up on love.
We haven't given up on love either.  Or on Billie.  We have 16,000+ followers on facebook.  And each of those followers has friends and family.   We know that somewhere out there is the person who knows how wonderful it feels to earn the trust of a heartbroken cat.  We know that somewhere out there is the person who has not given up on love.  We know that somewhere out there is the person who has been looking for a sweet, pink nosed, project.  We just need to find Billie's person.
If you think that you might be that person, please contact to find out more.  If you are not currently able to be that person, we totally understand.  As we said, she is not the right cat for most homes. But please consider sharing Billie so that her person can find her.


Billie is FIV positive, but that does not mean they cannot live long and happy life. Please click here for information on FIV.



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