Name: Cindi

Age:    2 1/2 years

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

Two year old Cindi has had a tough time of it.  She and a kitten were abandoned by an owner who didn't want them anymore. A neighbor stepped in and got them both to Protectors of Animals, where they went to a foster home to decompress.  The kitten was soon adopted.  But before Cindi could be spayed, we learned that she was pregnant.  So Cindi stayed in the foster home.
Cindi was a gentle and loving mom to her kittens. Cindi didn't ask for much and didn't play much.  Instead, she watched over her babies, guarded them, and cared for them unselfishly until it was time for them to be adopted. At that point Cindi came into the shelter.  Cindi then spent some time in our medical area, getting some necessary dental care and watching other cats get adopted.  Now... finally… it is Cindi's turn!

Cindi is absolutely adorable, with her little crooked smile, often with her tongue just peeping out.   She loves attention, especially petting, and will call to you if you walk by without stopping to visit with her. She can be on the shyer side, but her gentle mannerisms have made her a volunteer favorite.   A few hearts will probably break when this lovely lady is adopted.  But we will also be so happy to see this sweet girl get the home and the undivided attention that she has been longing for.
So if you can promise to love her as much as she deserves, please fill out the application at and ask for a special appointment to meet Cindi.  If you already have an approved application, you can e-mail  And if Cindi is not a perfect fit for you, please consider spreading the word so that her person can find her.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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