Name: Crackers

Age:    1 year 6 months

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

Have you ever been overlooked? Feels pretty rotten, doesn’t it? But if you have ever gone unnoticed, you might understand Crackers.
You see, 18 month old Crackers came to Protectors of Animals with several other cats from a home that had far too many cats. She was clearly loved but with the number of cats, there wasn’t time to give everyone the attention they needed. Some of the cats learned to demand attention, with death defying acrobatics or insistent meows. But some didn’t. Crackers seems to have simply faded into the background.
As a result, Crackers is on the shyer side. Approach her and she may initially move away, unsure of you. But give her a few moments to warm up and Crackers will show you exactly how grateful she is for a little gentle attention. She will make biscuits, purring loudly. She will roll over and show you her tummy. In time she may climb into your lap.
This little girl is starved for attention and she soaks up love like a sponge. She wants to be your favorite but she is afraid to ask for the love that she needs. Crackers would be happiest in a quieter home where someone will take the time to make her feel safe. Give her attention and she will blossom. Teach her that she is important… that she is worth your love…. that she is your favorite… and Crackers will return your love a thousand fold.
So if you can promise that Crackers will never get overlooked again, fill out the application at and make a special appointment to meet her. If you have an approved application you can just email And if Crackers isn’t a fit for your home, please consider spreading the word so that her people can find her.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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