Name: Dakota

Age: 7 months

Breed: DSH Black

Sex: Male

Dakota is like the Dark Knight: mysterious, aloof, and watchful of your every move. He has the face of another nocturnal mammal with a similar penchant for hiding in the dark when he is unsure. Dakota is a shy kitty who needs a gradual introduction before he’s fully comfortable with human hands and petting. If you really want his attention you should know he goes absolutely batty for wand toys and plushy playthings. Interactions from a distance are a good start for this little black cat who is slowly warming up to his surroundings.

In his early days, Dakota was once a stray who roamed the streets with his mother and brother. As one can imagine, being away from his family has been a challenging transition. He’s still in his adjustment period and the right adopter will have the patience to give Dakota the love he deserves.  This night crawler may require more time than other cats to fully spread his wings and open up but it will be well worth the wait!

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