Name: Duke

Age:  2 years

Breed: DSH

Sex: Male

Adopters with approved applications will be able make an appointment to meet all of our available cats.  You must have an appointment, but you do not need to choose a specific cat.
We told you about confident Garfield who came to us after spending a year or two in an unheated basement apartment with too many cats. We explained that Garfield had likely fought with other cats over the available resources - food, attention, comfort- and had likely won most of those fights. We want to talk to you about two-year-old Duke, who came to Protectors of Animals from the same location (and may even be Garfield's son) but who probably ran from more fights than he ever won.
We suspect that Duke spent all or at least of most of his life in that apartment. His life was small and not always easy. It was often cold and dark and while the person who was caring for them did their very best, there may not always have been enough attention or resources to go around. The more timid cats may not have gotten everything that they needed. And Duke was definitely one of the more timid cats.
Now suddenly Duke is somewhere where there is plenty of food and fresh water... a place where he has his own bed and his own space. A place where people are ready and waiting to give him constant love and attention. Sounds perfect, right? But it is also really bright and sometimes really loud. There are lots of new people, new smells, new cats.... Almost everything that he sees or hears is something that Duke has never experienced before. It is overwhelming.
Don't get us wrong, Duke is a sweet and gentle boy. He is eager to please. We love him. But rather than playing, soliciting pets, or getting into mischief, Duke curls up on (or under) a chair when brought to the Behavior Assessment Room. He seems to be fine with other gentle cats, but Duke is pretty overwhelmed right now.
Duke needs a home that is on the quieter side and a person who will be patient with him. He needs to start out in one room where he can feel safe and he needs things to move at a predictable and slower pace until he understands both what is going on and what is expected of him. Duke is a good boy and he is going to be a great cat. It will just take him a little time to understand how fundamentally his life has changed and how wonderful it is going to be from here on out.
For the right person, helping Duke understand is going to be equally wonderful. If you think that you may be that person, please fill out the application at wwww.poainc.org. (Or send an e-mail to poaplacement@gmail.com if you have an approved application). Duke doesn't know it yet, but he can't wait to meet you.
Looking forward to meeting you!

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email poaplacement@gmail.com for more info and an appointment.

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