Name: Addie

Age: 3 years 3 months

Breed: DSH Black & White

Sex: Female

Addie’s story is one of hope. It started sadly, when she was abandoned in an apartment. Her person moved away and left her there. No food. No water. Cranky does not begin to describe how Addie was when she arrived. Talk to her and you would get a hiss. Touch her and Addie would respond with a swat, often with claws. Did she like the other cats better than people? No. No, she did not. In fact, if possible, Addie liked them less.

She has been with us almost eleven months. She struggled at the shelter. Luckily, a few months ago we were able to get her temporarily into an amazing foster home where she has made remarkable strides. No more hissing when you speak to her; in fact, it turns out she is quite vocal and enjoys a good chat. She will come to you for a pet and lean in while you rub her chin. You can even sort of touch her paw. At her leisure, Addie will now occasionally come sit with you on the couch. Mostly, though, she likes to be in the room with people but in her own spots; her puff, her favorite ottoman, and the windowsill gazing out at the birds. Addie will probably never be a lap cat, but she does want to be part of the family.
She still has a way to go. She will occasionally hiss if she is frightened or startled. She doesn’t seem fond of small kids and would prefer to be the only cat. She may swat if you touch one of her precious toys while she is still “using” it, especially if it contains her favorite catnip (in fact, this smart girl has figured out how to open a drawer and take out the catnip bag!) Addie will hide most of the morning if she hears the vacuum. And, to be honest, her “diet” hasn’t been going so well (we feel you, Addie), so she’s a lot of cat to love. But Addie has shown that she wants love and is capable of returning love to her people.

We think that Addie will need an experienced adopter who will keep working with her to slowly win her trust, to convince Addie that she will not be abandoned again. Addie has not yet made a full turnaround. But she is trying. Addie wants a home and a person who adores her. And she deserves one.

If you think you can write a happy ending to Addie’s story, please filled out the application at and contact to find out more about Addie. If Addie is not a good fit for your home, please share so that her people can find her.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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