Leo – One & Only

Name:  Leo

Age:     1 year

Breed: DSH

Sex:  Male


We are scheduling appointments for adopters to come in and meet our available cats.  You do not need to choose a specific cat and we are not placing cats on hold for specific adopters.
Parents (or grandparents, aunts, uncles... ) of boys.  Do you remember how at a certain age they started shrugging off the hug and instead practicing their ninja skills?  The age that the baby roundness slipped away, that they sprouted 2 inches, and that they were suddenly all elbows and knees, unreasonably expensive sneakers, and slang you didn't understand?  (I mean, "skibidi toilet"?!?) That summer they went from being your baby to all-boy?  If so, you know that it is only a stage and that the gentle sweetness you remember is still there. You also know that they need you even more as they go through this independent boy stage.
And that brings us to Leo. At just over a year, Leo has entered into that boy stage. He wants to play and to wrestle. He is full of energy that he doesn't always know what to do with. And he sometimes forgets his manners when he gets excited. We aren't sure that a cat really has knees or elbows, and they definitely don't have sneakers... but if they did Leo would definitely ask for two pairs that are way out of your budget.
Leo needs to be a one and only as he isn't good with other cats or dogs. He has been surprisingly good with children and he really does want to be good. Sadly, Leo has had to deal with a lot of change in his short life and he isn’t sure where he belongs. He needs someone who is patient and consistent, and who will never be rough with him. He needs someone who will teach him that hands are for petting not toys, and who will give him a kickeroo when he needs to wrestle. But mostly Leo needs someone who will understand that inside boy-Leo is baby-Leo, a cat who just wants to know that he is loved.
If you think that you might be that person, please ask to meet Leo.  He is absolutely worth it. Plus, he has no idea what Ohio Rizz is.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email poaplacement@gmail.com for more info and an appointment.

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