Hercules – Perfectly Imperfect Cat

Name: Hercules (Perfectly Imperfect Cat)

Age:  5 years

Breed: DSH

Sex: Male

During the month of August, we will be encouraging our adopters to consider adopting one of our resident shelter cats.  These cats have been waiting too long for their forever homes.  Who are these cats?  Well, they may be Spirit Cats, senior cats, barn cats, or medical hospice cats.  Adoption fees for these cats have been reduced or waived for the month of August.  Please check out the new Perfectly Imperfect section of the website for available cats and information about Spirit Cats and medical hospice cats.

Hercules is one of our Perfectly Imperfect cats.  He is a young cat, but he has a history of frequent upper respiratory infections.  Since Hercules has been living in a safe environment and getting nutritious food, he has had fewer URIs.  Hercules would love to be your one and only.  Some of the other cats in the shelter have not been kind to him.  He does love people and will be a wonderful companion in a one-cat household.

When you hear of a cat named “Hercules,” you probably imagine a cat who’s big and forceful, more than capable of standing his ground, maybe even aggressive.
Our Hercules isn’t that Hercules. Not even close.
Five-year-old Hercules is a beautiful mid-sized cat. His face, chest, and front paws are snow-white, while the top of his head, back, and tail are deep gray with darker stripes. He’s not fierce like his mythical counterpart—far from it. In fact, when you first meet him, his gold-green eyes might make you think this cat is skeptical, cautious, uncertain. You might even wonder if you’ll ever be able to make friends with him.
But the way to Hercules’ heart is indeed through his stomach. Bring out a Squeeze-Up, and Hercules will relax. Within minutes, he’ll lick the treat right off your fingers. All that skepticism and uncertainty will melt away, and you’ll see what a beautiful cat he is, inside and out. Stroke his head, his ears, his back, and listen to him purr as he revels in your attention.
When the treat is finished, it’s time to play. Hercules especially loves wand toys; the stuffed mouse on a wire is a particular favorite. At present, he’s less interested in classics like the laser light, but he’s willing to give it a try if you bring it out.
Being a gentle boy, Hercules has not fared well with some of the more assertive cats in the shelter. Simply put, they scare him. Even when he’s nearly twice their size, Hercules is intimidated by such cats. We believe he’d be content to be your one and only. As long as you have a supply of treats and wand toys, Hercules would love to be your new best friend.  Hercules does have history of frequent upper respiratory infections and we would be reluctant to send him to a home with another cat (especially a senior cat).
If you’re looking for a loving companion who will be happy to join you for a midnight snack, we invite you to fill out an application at www.poainc.org and contact POA to make an appointment to meet Hercules. If you already have an approved application on file, you can send an email to poaplacement@gmail.com.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email poaplacement@gmail.com for more info and an appointment.

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