Name: Inka

Age: 2 years

Breed: DSH Black with White

Sex: Female

Inka is a cat you have to meet to believe. She’s a stunner in her midnight black fur and presents with an air of calm and reserved while observing from her shelter cage. You might think she was royalty from the way she sits up straight with her commanding stare and regal demeanor. Make no mistake, Inka is a wildcat at heart. One glimpse of a fuzzy mouse or a feather toy and her reserved façade falls away and reveals a little pouncing puma within the first swipe at her target. She delights in playing with rainbow strings and anything hanging from a wand. Her green eyes light up when she catches a glimpse of something fun and new in her presence.

Inka is a cat who will keep you at arms’ length for a while until she gets to know you. That’s why this fierce cat would do best in a home equipped with an arsenal of treats and toys. This two year old plays like a kitten and then will retreat to her calm nature once playtime is over. Inka is not a cat you can pet right away but with a little patience, she’s bound to become a sweet companion to the right adopter. Like a queen, the only way to get into Inka’s good graces is by earning her trust over time.  Inka is a beauty at her most composed and a wildfire when she gets revved up. All she needs is a human she can grow close to and a home to call her own.

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