Name: Isabella

Age:  2 years

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

Isabella is in a foster home and will come in for appointments.  If you would like to meet Isabella, mention her specifically so that we can arrange for her to come in from her foster home.
Some cats are aloof and lethargic. Not Isabella.
She loves to play, her emerald green eyes sparkling as she eyes her toy prize before slowly twitching her gray striped tail and leaping for a pounce. If you throw a small stuffed mouse her way, sometimes she’ll even play “catch” by batting it back to you.
Some cats are shy and hide in fear. Not Isabella. Her first day, she discovered the zipper in her car carrier wasn’t fully zipped closed and eagerly began exploring the back seat of the car. Then, when she arrived at her foster room, we expected she would hide under the ottoman bed for at least a few hours, maybe a few days. Nope. Isabella immediately began exploring her new digs … and showed her athletic prowess by jumping the baby gate!
Some cats are scared of new people. Not Isabella. She may take a few moments to take in the new people visiting, and then she’s quietly happy to lay next to them in quiet companionship, sometimes purring quietly. She seems to enjoy a little ear scratch or gentle pet on her neck.
Some cats are late for dinner. Not Isabella! This little girl thoroughly enjoys her morning breakfast and dinner — and she’ll quietly meow to let you know if she’s worried you might have forgotten dinner. But she waits patiently for you to make your morning coffee before putting out her breakfast — and rewards you for your efforts by affectionate rubbing her head against your hand while putting down her food.
Two year old Isabella is a sweet, petite, silky soft, affectionate, companionable, playful little girl. She deserves a loving home where she can play with her toys, quietly gaze out the window at the birds, and gently stretch out to scratch a kitty scratching post. Will you be her family?
Isabella is currently in a foster home, but can come in to meet potential adopters. If you are interested in meeting Isabella, please fill out the application at If you already have an approved application, you can just email our placement team at


Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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