Name: Jack

Age:  8 years 2 motnhs

Breed:  DSH Orange Tabby

Sex:  Male

Our friend Jack is a plucky, handsome cat who looks (and often acts) more like a kitten than the senior gentleman that he is. And Jack is a shelter favorite.   You see, Jack lived his whole life with one single person.   Jack's person entered the hospital one day and never came home. So you can see, why our hearts go out to him.  But much as we love Jack, we need to be honest: Jack is not the cat for every potential adopter.  Jack has early stage kidney disease that is being treated. It does not impact him currently but not everyone can see beyond his diagnosis.   Jack’s former home was also quiet and he is very nervous and distrustful of new people and new situations.  This is not the cat for you if you have small children, are gone a lot, or have not had a cat before.   On the other hand, Jack has a couple of things going for him that we are sure will win over the right adopter.  First, as we mentioned, Jack is an extremely handsome gentleman.  Simply put, people are drawn to this cat.  Second, Jack likes to be held once he knows you.  Third, Jack makes more and more progress every day.   Jack needs someone who will work with him and win his trust.  Jack needs a calm home with an experienced cat person who sees his potential to be a loyal and pleasant companion.  Does Jack need you?  Do you need Jack?  Come on in and find out.



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