Name: Jesse

Age:   4 years

Breed: DSH

Sex: Male

We are no longer putting cats on hold for a specific adopter.  You do not need to choose a cat, but you do need to have an appointment.  You will be able to meet available cats at your appointment.  
So, if you are of a certain age and you hear that we have a male cat named Jesse, it may remind you of a Rick Springfield song. (“Jessie is a friend. Yeah, I know, he's been a good friend of mine. But lately something's changed that ain't hard to define…”) If so, we are sorry for the earworm. Our Jesse doesn’t appear to appreciate being serenaded with the song by our volunteers either. But four-year-old Jesse really could use a good friend right about now.
“Why does he need a friend?”, you might quite reasonably ask. After all, Jesse is young and absolutely adorable. He isn’t conventionally handsome. He is kind of a skinny dude, with a perfectly round, Charlie Brown style head. Nothing remotely remarkable. But Jesse always looks like he’s about to flash a grin and his eyes are bright and curious. He has the kind of looks that will make you smile and want to reach out and snuggle him.
But Jesse is currently not that interested in being snuggled by perfect strangers. (We get it, buddy. No means no.) In fact, Jesse was actually pretty shut down when he arrived almost two weeks ago. And that is why he needs a friend.
You see, Jesse had been advertised for free on Craigslist. A young teenager who desperately wanted a cat answered the ad and managed to meet up with a perfect stranger who handed off the cat on a street corner. (Let’s not count every way this was horrifying and could have gone terribly wrong.) The teen then took the terrified Jesse home and tried to hide him in a closet to keep him a secret from their family and to keep him safe from the very non-cat friendly family dog. We can’t imagine how scary and confusing this was for Jesse. This was clearly not a well thought out plan, and the cat was luckily discovered almost immediately and surrendered to Protectors of Animals.
So, while we don’t know his full history, we do know that Jesse had a fairly traumatic few weeks. Like anyone who has had to deal with a lot of unwanted changes in a short period, Jesse is nervous and can take some time to warm up. If you try to pick him up right now, he is probably going to scramble away because he is not sure of your intentions.
But Jesse is also a friendly, curious cat, who is interested in people. Toys are definitely the way to win him over. Show Jesse a toy and he immediately perks up. He forgets that you are a stranger, and he wants to play. Jesse also loves catnip and will roll around his condo unconcerned that you are watching and giggling at him. Once you have broken the ice with a toy or catnip, Jesse is happy to get some petting. Watching him relax will probably make your whole day.
If you have patience, time, and a little cat experience, Jesse will quickly become a good friend of yours. And he will be an amazing friend. Well, as long as you don’t try to sing him that song.
To find out more make an appointment to meet our available cats please fill out the application at If you have an approved application, you can simply email And please consider spreading the word so that Jesse can find the home that is perfect for him.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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