Name:  Jolene

Age:  6 years old

Breed:  DSH Torbie

Sex: Female

Dolly Parton sang of a Jolene with flaming locks, whose beauty was beyond compare. Well, our Jolene- not so much. We love Jolene, but to be truthful she is the tiniest bit cross-eyed. And as a pretty little tiger she may not stand out in a room. Jolene is a character, though. Spunky, playful, fearless, Jolene is one of those cats you like more, the more time you spend with her. Jolene feels the same way about her people. Perhaps because she is cross-eyed, Jolene can be tough if approached without notice. With people she knows, though, Jolene is an affectionate girl. So if you like your cats quirky and fun, and with a bit of sass, come in and meet Jolene.

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