Name: Kai

Age: 5 years

Breed: DSH Black & White

Sex: Male

Like any new relationships, befriending a cat requires patience, attention, and gradual familiarity. Just one interaction isn’t enough to understand the whole scope of such a little being. Take Kai for example. He may seem like a shy cat at first but with a little time he’s a love like the rest of them. Kai didn’t get much attention at his previous home so he’s still adapting to being pet and adored by those who meet him. He’s a classy cat who would love a quiet home to lounge around and relax.  He’s been in a home with older children and he would be a good cat for someone who doesn’t mind taking it slow when getting to know him. The more he’s been exposed to pets and scritches at the shelter, the more open he’s become so we can’t wait to see his full personality when he’s in his own space with his own family. So come meet this shy guy because once he overcomes his short-term timid nature, you’re sure to make a long-term commitment with one sweet kitty!

The Cat Adoption Center hours:
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