Name: Leo

Age: 2 years 1 month

Breed:  DSH Brown Tiger

Sex:  Male

How fortunate for Leo that August is his month – astrologically speaking. Leos are often described as charismatic, attention-seeking, and comfortable in the limelight. The same could be said for our Leo. He’s a confident boy who knows he’s a good-looking catch. He’ll flop on the ground when you approach, letting you know he’s ready and willing for the petting session that’s to come. You don’t even have to spend time winning him over before he’s your friend. And he’s quite the talker, calling out to volunteers and other cats alike with the news he’d like to share. Leo’s friendly and outgoing demeanor means that he’s a good candidate for a home with children or dogs. Just bear in mind that his Leo-ish tendencies mean he’ll likely strive to be the Alpha in all pet dynamics. He’s very comfortable taking center stage. And just in case he’s not cool enough already, Leo is reportedly a fan of potato chips and might be game for an afternoon spent couch-surfing with some snacks and a good show. If you’d like to make August Leo’s lucky month, come and have a chat with him on adoption day.



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