Lily – One & Only

Name: Lily

Age:    2 years

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

Lily is one of our “One & Only Cats”.  One does not need to be the loneliest number.  Adopters with approved applications will be able make an appointment to meet all of our available cats.  You must have an appointment, but you do not need to choose a specific cat.

Chestnuts are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and are said to be very good for your heart.  But they are not easy to harvest.  Their leaves have pointed teeth and the chestnuts themselves form inside spiny protective husks called burrs.  Try to pull chestnuts from inside these prickly burrs before they are ready, and you better be wearing gloves.  Give them time, though, and when they are ready the husks open, allowing access to the wonderful chestnuts inside.

Two-year-old Lily has more in common with the chestnut than the flower whose name she bears.  Lily was somebody's cat once, but she was found outside abandoned and struggling to survive.  We suspect that she was not always treated kindly; not by other cats and not by people. Like the chestnut, Lily developed a prickly shell to protect herself.  If a cat or person came too close, beautiful Lily could show her pointed teeth and hiss, scaring them away.  This protective shell worked well, and Lily survived.
Now that she is safe at Protectors of Animals, Lily is still stuck inside that protective shell.  She can be expected to hiss at any cat who comes too close too fast.  If they persist, Lily will hide.  With people, Lily is pretty much the same.  Approach too quickly and she will hiss.  She is very afraid of hands.  (We suspect we know why and that breaks our hearts). Try and touch her and she will shrink away.  Try again and she will slap your hand away and run.  Try to force her when she can't get away and.... well, you might need those gloves.
But we see glimpses of the real Lily.  We see her when Lily plays, leaping and diving and dancing without fear.   We see her in the cat who wants to sit next to you and will gently lick a bite of squeeze up from your finger when it is quiet.  We see her in the cat who will follow you from room to room, quietly hoping that you will notice her, that you will talk sweetly to her and play with her without trying to grab at her.  We see you Lily.
Lily is being so brave and is making progress every day, but she hasn't fully opened up to us yet.  We think that in the right home Lily will get there faster. What is the right home?
Lily needs an experienced cat person who will keep her in one room to start, and will play with her and work with her, without taking it personally if Lily hisses or even swats.   A quieter home without small children would be best.  As for other cats, while Lily can easily share space with other cats who respect her boundaries, a cat who wants a buddy to groom and cuddle up with is not a great fit for Lily at this point.  Lily needs someone who understands that there is a soft, easily damaged soul beneath the prickly exterior, and will help Lily be brave by encouraging her, not forcing her... someone who is able to see beyond the prickly shell.  Lily needs someone who understands that chestnuts are not easy to harvest, but when they are ready they can be extraordinary.  And very good for your heart.
If you think you might be the person for Lily, please fill out the application at and ask about Lily.   If you already have an approved application, simply e-mail  As always, if you are not match for Lily, please consider spreading the word so that the right person can see her.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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