Megan – Adoption Pending

Name: Megan

Age:    2 years

Breed: DSH

Sex: Female

“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.” ~ Katherine Henson
Two year old Megan is a soft gray cashmere kind of cat. Pet her and she leans in, purring quietly, and maybe even rolling over on her back to let you know how content she is to be with you. Megan is a comfortable cat, and a comforting cat. Yes, Megan likes toys and treats but Megan loves people. She has a kind and gentle heart despite the cruel world. She has the courage to be open to love despite having been abandoned outside.
Megan is exactly the kind of cat that so many adopters are looking for. Except for one thing. Her heart, ironically.
Megan has a grade 2 heart murmur. Like her beautiful eyes and smokey fur, it is likely something that Megan was born with. It requires no treatment. It may never require treatment or impact her life at all. But so many potential adopters are not willing to take a chance... to even meet sweet Megan. We understand.
We also know that this little girl deserves the best, and that includes a forever home with someone who can see that this heart murmur does not define Megan. And we are looking for an adopter who can see that... For someone with a soft heart and the courage to love a cat who is not perfect... For someone with the wisdom to see that Megan is perfect for them.
If you think Megan may be perfect for you, please fill out the application at If you already have an approved application, simply e-mail And if Megan is not a fit for your home, please consider helping to get the word out, so that her person can find her.

Adoptions are now done by appointment only. Email for more info and an appointment.

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