Name: Mickey & Monte

Age: 2 years

Breed: DSH Black & White and Black

Sex: Male

Contrary to popular belief, cats are extremely social creatures and there are some cats who really need a friend or two while away the day. This is especially true for this duo, Mickey and Monte. These two cats are a bonded pair who need to be in a home together. You have got to meet this odd couple for yourself to see how two different characters can end up so in sync with one another.

Mickey is the more adventurous of the two, coming alive with a wand toy or a gentle cuddle session. Monte is shy and still getting used to human touch but if you can work your way into his good graces, he’ll let you stay for a head pet or two. Not only are their personalities distinct, there sense of style also contrasts with each other. Mickey has his black and white tuxedo ready for any special occasion while Monte is dressed all in black to exude his mysterious manner.

These two may make a strange pair at first glance but it’s easy to see how these boys care for one another while in the shelter.  Mickey will saunter over to Monte just to check in with him and make sure he’s okay. Adopting these two means you get the best of both cat worlds, one playful and friendly, and the other quiet and reserved but open to love and affection. Come meet Mickey and Monte and see how wonderful it would be for these two to grow old in a home together! Will that home be yours?




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