Name: Potta

Age: 5 years

Breed: DMH Gray Tiger

Sex: Male

Five year old Potta needs our help. Potta is handsome, outgoing, active, a little flirtatious. It takes practice to get a good photo of him because while you are trying to focus, Potta is trying to kiss your face, to see what you have in your hand or to climb onto your shoulder. You are pretty much guaranteed to end up with your first 20-30 shots being extreme close ups of Potta's nose; of Potta trying to let you know that he doesn’t care how good looking he is, he wants to be your best friend. "He sounds perfectly wonderful", you may be thinking, "So why does he need our help?"

Because Potta is both FIV and FeLV positive. FIV cannot be transferred to people or dogs, and cannot be transferred to other cats by casual contact, or by living with another FIV+ cat. It will generally only be transferred in utero or via a deep tissue bite wound. FIV doesn't mean that the cat cannot live a long and relatively normal life. We have a few friendly FIV+ cats at the shelter with no issues. FeLV (Feline Leukemia) is also not contagious to people or dogs but it can be contagious to other cats. For this reason, we do not have FeLV+ cats living at the shelter and we recommend that FeLV+ cats be adopted out as only cats or to live with other cats who are also FeLV+. The life-span of a FeLV+ cat can vary, but it is usually shorter than a non- FeLV+ cat. Many cats will succumb to the disease in 1-5 years. The disease is often dormant, until it isn't. At that point Potta's days will be numbered.

Right now Potta is feeling great. He plays, he cuddles, he loves everyone he has ever met. Potta wants to live his best life. That means in a home where he can sleep on your bed, watch squirrels from the window, chase the red dot, and be a spoiled, happy cat, for as long as he possibly can. But cat rescue volunteers have cats. And Potta should not live with non-FeLV cats. So Potta is currently living alone in a basement room. Potta is loved by his foster mom but he does not have the life that we (or she) wants him to have. And that is why Potta needs our help.

If you have an FeLV+ cat and are thinking about another or if you have no cats and are considering Potta, please fill out an application and e-mail poaplacement@gmail.com. Our placement team can put you in touch with one of the members of our medical team who can talk to you generally about FIV and FeLV, and specifically about Potta. If you cannot adopt Potta, please share him far and wide. The more people who share him, the more people who see him, and the better the chances that Potta will be sleeping on a bed and watching squirrels by Halloween.

The Cat Adoption Center hours:
Saturdays from 10:30am-4:00pm or 1st Wednesday of every month 5:30 - 7:30pm.

144 Main St.
East Hartford, CT 06118

Please allow for up to one week to hear back regarding your application.

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